• Italian Whites for Food

    Italian Whites for Food

    Fiona Beckett in The Guardian Newspaper discusses how Italian wines, particularly white wines, are specifically crafted to complement food. It highlights that Italian wines often lack overt fruit flavours or excessive oakiness, maintaining lower alcohol levels to enhance rather than overwhelm simple, seasonally focused dishes. The article notes the appeal of Italian whites due to…

  • Aldi Spring Summer 2024 Press Tasting

    Aldi Spring Summer 2024 Press Tasting

    The Aldi Spring Summer 2024 Press Tasting took place in March 2023, in London. This event presented a diverse selection of 99 wines with options for those seeking low and no-alcohol alternatives, catering to the growing demand for healthier lifestyle choices. Additionally, the event featured some wines with innovative packaging, underlining Aldi’s efforts to stand…

  • Aldi Unveils UK’s First Supermarket Own-Brand Paper Wine Bottles

    Aldi Unveils UK’s First Supermarket Own-Brand Paper Wine Bottles

    Aldi has announced the launch of the UK’s first supermarket own-brand paper wine bottles, marking a significant step in sustainable packaging. The products, Cambalala South African Shiraz and Cambalala South African Sauvignon Blanc, priced at £7.99 for a 75cl bottle, will be available from 18th March, coinciding with Global Recycling Day. These innovative bottles are…

  • Red Bordeaux Wine From Supermarkets Under £20

    Red Bordeaux Wine From Supermarkets Under £20

    The Scotsman has an article on Best red Bordeaux wine from supermarkets for under £20. The article discusses the author’s evolving appreciation for wine, particularly Bordeaux wines. Initially viewing Bordeaux as exclusive and expensive, the author, Rosalind Erskine, has discovered affordable and quality options available in supermarkets. The journey has highlighted both the traditional appeal…

  • Wines for Comfort Food

    Wines for Comfort Food

    In her article in Delicious Magazine on the best wines for comfort food, Susy Atkins recommends a selection of wines to complement hearty dishes. Suzy highlights wines that pair well with classics such as chilli, fish pie and roast chicken, offering a variety of options from different regions and at different price points. The Baron…

  • Unusual Varietals

    Unusual Varietals

    Fiona Beckett from the Guardian newspaper has an article on Obscure Wines to Liven up Jaded Palates. She explains how unusual varietals of wine are currently popular, as seen in selections from high-street retailers. Wines from regions not traditionally associated with specific grapes are gaining interest. Examples include Italian varietals like Sangiovese from Australia, Grüner…

  • Canyon Springs Old Vine Zinfandel

    Canyon Springs Old Vine Zinfandel

    The Canyon Springs Old Vine Zinfandel 2020 is bottled and cellared by the rather elusive Eagle Rock Vineyards, as I couldn’t find much about them online. However, with a commendable 3.9 score on Vivino, it’s clear this wine is popular among tasters. At first, the wine greets you with an inviting bouquet of red berries….

  • Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superoire

    Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superoire

    The Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore from Aldi uses the traditional Ripasso technique for an added richness and depth, a characteristic feature of the process where the wine undergoes a second fermentation. It’s created predominantly from 75% Corvina, complemented by 20% Corvinone and 5% Rondinella. I tried the 2021 vintage. Olly Smith noted the 2019…

  • Mimo Moutinho Lisboa Red

    Mimo Moutinho Lisboa Red

    The 2021 Mimo Moutinho Lisboa Red from Aldi is made from the Touriga Nacional grape. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the 2019 vintage, which Decanter praised for its ‘juicy brambles, liquorice and smoky tarry notes’, this wine maintains a high standard, scoring a respectable 3.8 on Vivino. On tasting, there’s red fruits. The wine…

  • Specially Selected Rioja Rosado

    Specially Selected Rioja Rosado

    Aldi’s Specially Selected Rioja Rosado 2022 has a DOC certification. While it’s advertised as being pink, I think the wine has a more golden hue. My wife, who picked this wine from Aldi, likens its taste to that of rosehip cordial. It’s a dry wine with a hint of fruitiness, making it ok on its…

  • Specially Selected Toscana Rosso

    Specially Selected Toscana Rosso

    The Specially Selected Toscana Rosso 2021 is a red, 14% alcohol, wine that’s medium to full-bodied. Its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, with the bottle labels being coy about the wine producer. Despite the lack of provenance, there’s a clue of its origin on the back label – a mention of bottled for Buontalenti…

  • Blutengarten Riesling

    Blutengarten Riesling

    I have just had the pleasure of trying a wine that I wouldn’t have picked up myself due to its very low price, but my wife did, and I must say it was a great surprise. With a 3.9 score on Vivino, this wine punches above its weight. It’s off-dry, making it versatile enough for…