In the UK, we’re fortunate to have an extensive range of available wines. However, there’s a shortage of resources dedicated to people purchasing from UK supermarkets, specialist wine shops, clubs/societies, UK vineyards, wine bars and going to UK wine events.

Whilst Decanter is a prominent resource, it mainly focuses on high end wines, many of which aren’t readily available. There’s also Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast but they are USA-centric and also mainly cover high end wines. The majority of personal wine blogs have become neglected and abandoned by their authors and those that have survived are USA-centric and/or behind paywalls.

I concentrate on wines that are financially and physically accessible and drinkable now. Financial accessibility is obviously a personal thing but for me this means wines below about £15 a bottle for everyday wines and £50 for a special occasion premium wine, Champagne or English Sparkling. In terms of physical accessibility, the wines I mention are available in either supermarkets, wine shops online or specialist stores.

I’ve created this website as a hobby project. I am deeply interested in the world of wine. Over decades, I’ve enrolled in many wine courses, attended numerous tastings and visited a variety of vineyards in the UK and overseas. I consider myself an enthusiast rather than an expert.

The picks are affordable wines I have repeat purchased. These mirror my own tastes, which generally lean towards robust, full-bodied red and more robust white wines but I do also occasionally enjoy and pick lighter wines. The reviews and past tastings describe wines I have tried and worthy of mention. The what to buy section provides further sources of 3rd party recommendations.

There are no affiliate links nor Google AdSense advertising on this site. I don’t get paid for anything you end up buying. I do receive samples from companies and get invited to tastings, but I try to not let this bias my reviews.

Simon Judge, Surrey, UK.
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