• Crisp, Clean, Well-balanced Cavas

    Crisp, Clean, Well-balanced Cavas

    The Good Housekeeping Institute conducted a thorough testing of 20 cava bottles from supermarkets and leading brands, serving each chilled and blind to eliminate brand bias. Their search was for crisp, clean, well-balanced Cavas with delightful notes of apple, citrus, and brioche. Here are their top recommendations for 2023, complete with ABV, prices, scores, and…

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass

    The Bibendum Spring Portfolio tasting, held on 27 February 2024, showcased 329 wines from England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Australia, China, New Zealand, and South Africa. Bibendum is mainly targeted at the on-trade sector, which means bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels. The fact that many of the wines were…

  • Furmint and Friends

    Furmint and Friends

    This tasting was on the 27th February 2024, in London, organised by Wines of Hungary UK in partnership with the newly established Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency. It showcased an impressive array of 29 producers, presenting over 150 wines. The highlight of the event was a masterclass led by Caroline Gilby MW who imparted her extensive…

  • Understanding Furmint

    Understanding Furmint

    Furmint is a white Hungarian grape variety that plays a significant role in the production of Tokaji Aszú, one of the world’s oldest sweet wines. However, Furmint is also used to make a variety of other wine styles, each showcasing the grape’s versatility and unique characteristics. Furmint is also grown in Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria…

  • Faustino V Reserva

    Faustino V Reserva

    Faustino V Reserva 2018 Rioja is aged for a minimum of 24 months in American oak barrels. The previous vintage was highly regarded by James Suckling, receiving a commendable score of 93, and the wine itself has been adorned with multiple accolades, including a Silver Medal from Mundus Vini, the Bacchus Award, a Gold Medal…

  • Wines from Six Great Importers

    Wines from Six Great Importers

    The Guardian Newspaper has an article discussing the various strategies people use when choosing wine, such as selecting by grape variety, region or label. It emphasises the importance of looking at the importer’s name on the back of the bottle as a quick guide to finding quality wines. Importers are likened to publishers or record…

  • Sparkling Wine Purchase Factors

    Sparkling Wine Purchase Factors

    There’s new study-based research (PDF download) into recent sparkling wine consumers in Ontario, Canada, offering insights into the cues that drive their purchase decisions. Sparkling wine’s global market is experiencing significant growth. This uptrend is notable given the distinct nature of sparkling wine, often purchased for celebrations rather than regular consumption. Research has highlighted the…

  • The Rise of Beaujolais and the Decline of Merlot

    The Rise of Beaujolais and the Decline of Merlot

    Decanter Magazine is reporting there’s been a notable shift in wine preferences in the UK, particularly in the red wine market. Merlot, once a popular choice, has seen a significant decrease in sales within bars and restaurants, spurred by a demand for lighter red wines. On the flip side, Beaujolais is experiencing a surge in…

  • UK Bulk Wine Bottlers Embrace Cork for Sustainability

    UK Bulk Wine Bottlers Embrace Cork for Sustainability

    The Drinks Business is reporting that two leading UK bulk wine bottlers are making a move back to traditional cork stoppers. This change comes amidst growing demand among wine brands for more sustainable packaging solutions. This trend is largely driven by cork’s sustainable credentials, which are becoming more valued by both consumers and wine brands….

  • Calls for UK Budget Alcohol Relief to Boost Business and Curb Inflation

    Calls for UK Budget Alcohol Relief to Boost Business and Curb Inflation

    The Independent Newspaper is reporting that the alcohol industry is calling for cut to punishing duty rates. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has voiced concerns over the detrimental effects of last year’s significant increases in alcohol duty, highlighting the negative repercussions on UK businesses and the broader economy. These increases, described as the…

  • Real Wine Fair

    Real Wine Fair

    The Real Wine Fair is at London’s Tobacco Dock on Sunday, April 28th 2024, open to both consumers and trade, and continue into Monday, April 29th 2024, exclusively for trade visitors. This year’s fair promises an impressive showcase of 180 producers who are at the forefront of organic, biodynamic and low-intervention winemaking. Attendees will have…

  • Intruder Spills Wine worth €2.5m at Spanish Winery

    Intruder Spills Wine worth €2.5m at Spanish Winery

    The BBC is reporting a Spanish winery, Cepa 21, experienced significant losses exceeding €2.5 million (£2.1 million) when an unidentified individual emptied 60,000 litres of wine by opening tanks in the early hours of Sunday. This act of vandalism targeted two of the winery’s premium wines, Horcajo and Malabrigo. The complexity of the tanks’ security…

  • Complexity


    The term ‘complexity’ is often used to describe a wine’s multifaceted character. A complex wine offers a range of flavours, aromas and sensations that unfold in layers as you taste it. Unlike a simple wine, which might be pleasant but one-dimensional, a complex wine keeps your palate engaged by constantly revealing new aspects of its…

  • Wine Patch

    Wine Patch

  • Global Warming and the Wine Industry

    Global Warming and the Wine Industry

    In a new study, Adapting and Thriving: Global Warming and the Wine Industry, researchers from Israel Universities look into the issue of global warming’s impact on the wine industry and propose a suite of innovative agricultural practices to combat these challenges. As the planet warms, the wine industry faces shifts in temperature and precipitation patterns…

  • Tasty Low-alcohol Wines

    Tasty Low-alcohol Wines

    The Financial Times Newspaper has an article on Low-alcohol Wines that Offer Great Taste Without the Headache (might be behind paywall by the time you read this). Wines with alcohol by volume (ABV) between 3.5% and 9% and those naturally low in alcohol like some German Rieslings, are gaining popularity for their ability to combine…

  • 25% Off Wine at Asda

    25% Off Wine at Asda

    Asda has 25% off wine, on £5.50 per bottle or more, until 11:59pm on Sunday 25 February 2024.

  • Navigating the Rise of Alcohol in Wine

    Navigating the Rise of Alcohol in Wine

    A new article Balancing act: Managing High Alcohol in Wine by Andy Neather discusses the growing concern in the wine industry regarding rising alcohol levels in wine, attributed to climate change and evolving consumer preferences for riper, more powerful wines. It specifically notes the trend of increasing alcohol content in wines from traditional regions like…

  • The Best of Rioja 2024

    The Best of Rioja 2024

    Tim Atkin MW hosted a wine tasting event on 13 February 2024 that featured over 300 wines from leading bodegas, many of which came to London specifically to showcase their wines. This event marked a first in either London or Rioja, with such an extensive collection of wines being presented for tasting. Tim dedicates three…

  • Bodacious Red

    Bodacious Red

    This a red blend from the Tejo wine region of Portugal formerly known as Ribatejo until its rebranding in 2009, now named after the Tejo River. It’s produced by Falua Sociedade de Vinos. The blend includes Castelão, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Syrah. The wine gained a Bronze Medal at the 2023 IWSC and the…