• Pairings for Beef

    Pairings for Beef

    Jancis Robinson writes in the Financial Times Newspaper (might have moved behind paywall by the time you read this) on finding the perfect wine pairings for beef, exploring a diverse array of wines from around the globe. Wines include: Tasting notes can also be found on the Purple Pages of

  • Wine With Cheese

    Wine With Cheese

    Pairing wine with cheese offers a symphony of flavours that can elevate both the wine and the cheese to new heights. The key to a successful pairing is balancing intensity and harmony in flavours and textures. Here’s a general guide to get you started, but remember, these are guidelines rather than strict rules. Exploration and…

  • Wine With Spicy Food

    Wine With Spicy Food

    Pairing wine with spicy food can be a interesting exploration of flavours if done thoughtfully. The key is to choose wines that balance the heat and enhance the dish’s flavours without overpowering them. Here are some recommendations that harmonise with spicy cuisines: When pairing wine with spicy food, it’s generally best to avoid high-tannin reds…

  • Wine With Beef

    Wine With Beef

    Pairing wine with beef opens an array of possibilities, as the robust flavours of beef dishes pair wonderfully with many red wines, enhancing both the meal and the wine. The best pairing, however, depends on the preparation and seasoning of the beef. Here are some general recommendations: The key to a successful pairing is balancing…

  • Italian Whites for Food

    Italian Whites for Food

    Fiona Beckett in The Guardian Newspaper discusses how Italian wines, particularly white wines, are specifically crafted to complement food. It highlights that Italian wines often lack overt fruit flavours or excessive oakiness, maintaining lower alcohol levels to enhance rather than overwhelm simple, seasonally focused dishes. The article notes the appeal of Italian whites due to…

  • Wine With Sweet Course

    Wine With Sweet Course

    Pairing wine with sweet courses, such as desserts, is a great way to enhance the overall dining experience. The key is to select wines that complement or contrast the flavours in the dessert without overwhelming them. Here are several wine options to consider for various types of sweet courses: Tips for Pairing:

  • Wine With Chinese Food

    Wine With Chinese Food

    Chinese food is known for its diverse flavours ranging from sweet and sour to spicy and umami. Here are some wine recommendations that can complement the variety of tastes found in Chinese cuisine: The key to pairing wine with Chinese food is to consider the dominant flavours of the dish—whether it’s spicy, sweet, sour, or…

  • Wine With Fish

    Wine With Fish

    Pairing wine with fish can offer a harmonious blend of flavours. The best wine choice often depends on the type of fish and its preparation. Here are some general guidelines: Light and Delicate FishFor fish that are light and delicate in flavour, such as sole or flounder, opt for light-bodied white wines. A classic choice…

  • Different Wine Pairings

    Different Wine Pairings

    Will Lyons in The Times, has an article on Six Wine Pairings That Break the Rules and Work. (Might be behind paywall now because is only visible for short time to get indexed by search engines). Will provides a selection of wines offering a variety of options to pair with a range of dishes, emphasising…

  • Wine With Fish and Chips

    Wine With Fish and Chips

    Pairing wine with fish and chips can elevate this classic comfort dish to a more sophisticated culinary experience. Given the crispy, fried nature of the fish and the savoury flavours of the chips, you’ll want a wine that can cut through the richness while complementing the delicate taste of the fish. Here are a few…

  • Wine With Chicken

    Wine With Chicken

    Pairing wine with chicken offers versatility due to the wide range of preparation methods and flavours chicken dishes can encompass. The ideal wine pairing depends on the preparation and seasoning of the chicken. Here are some classic pairings to consider: The key to a successful pairing is balancing the intensity of flavours between the dish…

  • Wine With Duck

    Wine With Duck

    Duck is rich, flavourful, and can be prepared in various ways, each influencing the best wine pairing. The right wine can complement the duck’s richness and enhance its flavours. Here are some suggestions: The preparation and accompanying ingredients of the duck dish are crucial in selecting the perfect wine. Consider the dish’s primary flavours and…

  • Wine With Roast Meal

    Wine With Roast Meal

    Pairing wines with a roast meal can elevate the dining experience significantly, whether you’re serving roast beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. The key is to match the intensity and flavours of the meat with the appropriate wine. Here are some classic pairings to consider: General TipsConsider the Seasoning: The herbs and spices used in the…

  • Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Fiona Beckett, writing for National Geographic Traveller, provides an exploration of which wines go best with different cheeses. The traditional pairing of cheese with red wine, particularly during the colder months, is recommended, with a focus on medium-bodied reds known for their soft, smooth tannins. Suggested favourites include mellow Rioja Reservas, Côtes du Rhônes and…

  • Innovations and Trends in Modern Food and Wine Pairing

    Innovations and Trends in Modern Food and Wine Pairing

    A new study titled “Exploring the Sensory Synergy of Gastronomy: A Comprehensive Review of Contemporary Trends and Practices in Food and Wine Pairing” provides an in-depth analysis of the evolving landscape of gastronomy, with a focus on the art of food and wine pairing in contemporary culinary practices. The study employs both qualitative and quantitative…

  • ‘Back to Basics’ – Cheese and wine pairing

    ‘Back to Basics’ – Cheese and wine pairing

    Online ‘Back to Basics’ – a Cheese and wine pairing event free for Wine Society members. Nick Bayne from The Fine Cheese Company will join the Wine Society’s Tastings Team for an evening exploring wine and cheese pairings. Nick will introduce a selection of four English cheeses, each to be paired with one of our…

  • Barbeque Food and Wine Pairings

    Barbeque Food and Wine Pairings

    The Wine Society have a free BBQ with wine online event on 22 Aug 2023 7:00 – 08:00 pm. Join Emma Briffett and Ewan Murray from The Society’s Tastings & Events team as they share their guidance on pairing wine with outdoor grill food. They’ll discuss what combinations work well and which ones to avoid….