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Aldi Unveils UK’s First Supermarket Own-Brand Paper Wine Bottles

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Aldi has announced the launch of the UK’s first supermarket own-brand paper wine bottles, marking a significant step in sustainable packaging. The products, Cambalala South African Shiraz and Cambalala South African Sauvignon Blanc, priced at £7.99 for a 75cl bottle, will be available from 18th March, coinciding with Global Recycling Day. These innovative bottles are made using Frugalpac’s technology, consisting of 94% recycled paperboard with a food-grade pouch for the wine, offering a fully recyclable solution that is five times lighter than traditional glass bottles.

This initiative is part of Aldi’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, equivalent to driving around the planet 5.8 times. The lighter, shatterproof design of these bottles not only provides an eco-friendly option but also makes them convenient for outdoor activities like picnics. The Shiraz variant offers a rich blend of red fruit and spicy oak notes, ideal for pairing with meat or spicy dishes. The Sauvignon Blanc features fresh winter melon, green apple, and citrus flavours, suited for chicken, seafood or salad pairings.