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Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superoire

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The Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore from Aldi uses the traditional Ripasso technique for an added richness and depth, a characteristic feature of the process where the wine undergoes a second fermentation.

It’s created predominantly from 75% Corvina, complemented by 20% Corvinone and 5% Rondinella. I tried the 2021 vintage. Olly Smith noted the 2019 vintage had flavours of cloves, sweet cherry and an almond-like flourish. The 2021 iteration mirrors these flavour profiles, maintaining a similar taste.

However, it does not entirely match the stature of any of the more premium wines I tasted in Amarone Calling. This version, though ok, presents a less intense aroma, a leaner body and a shorter finish compared to its more expensive peers.

In conclusion, Aldi’s Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore is an good choice for those seeking a flavourful wine at a lower price. It delivers the essence of the Ripasso style at an affordable price point of £7.99. However, look elsewhere and pay (a lot) more if you want the full Ripasso experience.