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  • Decanter World Wine Awards 2024

    Decanter World Wine Awards 2024

    The Decanter World Wine Awards 2024 results are out, highlighting the best wines from over 18,000 entries across 57 countries. France led with the most top medals, including 12 Best in Show awards. Notable winners include Burgundy and Champagne. Other standout regions are Australia, Spain and Italy. The awards also featured impressive performances from emerging…

  • Premium Rosés

    Premium Rosés

    A new article from The Drinks Business highlights twelve luxury rosés, detailing their unique characteristics and appeal to fine wine enthusiasts. The selection spans various regions and styles, emphasising high-quality production and distinctive flavour profiles. These rosés are premium choices for discerning palates, often accompanied by notable packaging and prestigious vineyard reputations. Here is the…

  • Wines for Summer

    Wines for Summer

    The Guardian newspaper has an article on Wines to Capture the Taste of Summer: Theopetra Estate Xinonmavro Rosé, Meteora, Greece 2022An outstanding Greek rosé with mandarin-orange tingling and ripe stone fruit flavoirs. £21.75 from corkingwines.co.uk. Gerard Bertrand Orange Gold, IGP Pays d’Oc, France 2021Stylish orange wine with gentle tannic bite, spice, and exotic fruit flavours….

  • Sommelier Wine Awards Results

    Sommelier Wine Awards Results

    After a break due to the pandemic, the Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) resumed at The Oval in London this year. This unique competition, dedicated to wines for the on trade (hospitality) industry in Britain, provides a specialised platform where the best of suppliers’ offerings can be showcased. The event is judged by professionals within the…

  • IWSC Results

    IWSC Results

    The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) has recently announced the results of thousands of entries judged by a team of more than 120 international experts. This panel included over 20 Masters of Wine and nearly a dozen Master Sommeliers. The results are available in an online database. Champagne stood out with a great performance,…

  • Wine Merchant Top 100

    Wine Merchant Top 100

    Wine Merchant magazine has recently announced its annual Top 100 wines. This year marks the first in-person judging since the pandemic, with judges from 38 independent stores across the UK participating in the selection process. The initial selection consisted of over 900 wines, reflecting a diverse range of offerings. Among the trends observed in this…

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Masters Winners

    Cabernet Sauvignon Masters Winners

    The Global Cabernet Sauvignon Masters 2024 took place on 17 April 2024 at The Thomas Cubitt in London. Renowned for its rigorous judging process, this prestigious event draws on the expertise of seasoned wine judges, ensuring that only the finest wines receive awards. Each wine was evaluated rigorously, with the standout entries being awarded Gold,…

  • London Wine Competition Winners

    London Wine Competition Winners

    The London Wine Competition is an annual event that recognises and rewards wines based on their quality, value for money and packaging. The competition is designed to provide consumers with a clear guide to the best wines available in the market, judged through a meticulous evaluation process. Wines are scored on a 100-point scale, and…

  • Affordable and Lesser-Known Bordeaux Wines to Try

    Affordable and Lesser-Known Bordeaux Wines to Try

    David Williams, writing for The Guardian newspaper, highlights a range of lesser-known and more affordable Bordeaux wines as the famous wine region prepares to showcase its 2023 vintage. Here are the wines he mentions, along with their prices and suppliers: Château des Antonins Bordeaux Blanc 2022 – This white wine offers a blend of tangy…

  • Portuguese Wines That Offer Unique and Delightful Flavours

    Portuguese Wines That Offer Unique and Delightful Flavours

    Susy Atkins, from the Telegraph Newspaper, highlights five Portuguese wines that offer unique and delightful flavours, diverging from common varietals like Malbec or Chardonnay. These wines, originating from various parts of Portugal, showcase the rich diversity and potential beyond the well-known ports and rosés. Here’s a summary of the wines along with their prices and…

  • Different Wine Pairings

    Different Wine Pairings

    Will Lyons in The Times, has an article on Six Wine Pairings That Break the Rules and Work. (Might be behind paywall now because is only visible for short time to get indexed by search engines). Will provides a selection of wines offering a variety of options to pair with a range of dishes, emphasising…

  • Crémant Rising in Popularity in the UK

    Crémant Rising in Popularity in the UK

    An article in Joe discusses a shift in the UK’s sparkling wine preferences, with Crémant emerging as a popular alternative to Prosecco. Despite Prosecco’s continued popularity, with Brits consuming around 130 million bottles annually and making up nearly 25% of Italy’s exports of the sparkling wine to the UK, the French sparkling wine Crémant is…

  • Lighter Wines for Spring

    Lighter Wines for Spring

    Fiona Beckett in the Guardian Newspaper, discusses the shift towards lighter red wines suitable for spring, highlighting the changing preferences in wine styles towards lighter, fresher varieties. This change isn’t limited to traditional wine regions but is also seen in areas like Australia, South Africa and Chile. Even grapes typically associated with fuller-bodied wines, such…

  • Wines to Elevate Easter Weekend Celebrations

    Wines to Elevate Easter Weekend Celebrations

    In Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Marianna Hunt presents a list of eight wines to enhance an Easter weekend, accompanied by suggested food pairings. These selections span from sparkling rosés to rich reds and dessert wines, suitable for various dishes and preferences.

  • The Evolving Landscape of Rioja Wines

    The Evolving Landscape of Rioja Wines

    In the Guardian Newspaper, Fiona Beckett discusses the evolving landscape of Rioja wines, highlighting a shift towards new styles that offer more fruity, less oaky notes in reds and introduce a breed of floral whites. This change comes as a response to declining sales in the UK, despite its historical popularity. Innovations include higher altitude…

  • Red Bordeaux Wine From Supermarkets Under £20

    Red Bordeaux Wine From Supermarkets Under £20

    The Scotsman has an article on Best red Bordeaux wine from supermarkets for under £20. The article discusses the author’s evolving appreciation for wine, particularly Bordeaux wines. Initially viewing Bordeaux as exclusive and expensive, the author, Rosalind Erskine, has discovered affordable and quality options available in supermarkets. The journey has highlighted both the traditional appeal…

  • TV Wine Expert Hails Lidl’s £5.99 Cava as ‘Best Bargain of the Year’

    TV Wine Expert Hails Lidl’s £5.99 Cava as ‘Best Bargain of the Year’

    In an article by Bristol Live, a wine from Lidl has been spotlighted by Saturday Kitchen’s wine expert as the “Best bargain this year.” It’s the Arestel Cava Semi Seco, a sparkling wine that boasts a price tag of only £5.99. During a recent episode of Saturday Kitchen, aired on BBC One on the morning…

  • Finding Good Value in Wine

    Finding Good Value in Wine

    An article by David Williams in The Guardian Newspaper explores the intricacies of finding value in wine, noting that there is no simple formula linking price to quality. However, Williams highlights several factors that can affect the cost of wine, such as vineyard practices, equipment and the inherent qualities of the vineyard itself. Despite the…

  • Crisp, Clean, Well-balanced Cavas

    Crisp, Clean, Well-balanced Cavas

    The Good Housekeeping Institute conducted a thorough testing of 20 cava bottles from supermarkets and leading brands, serving each chilled and blind to eliminate brand bias. Their search was for crisp, clean, well-balanced Cavas with delightful notes of apple, citrus, and brioche. Here are their top recommendations for 2023, complete with ABV, prices, scores, and…

  • Wines from Six Great Importers

    Wines from Six Great Importers

    The Guardian Newspaper has an article discussing the various strategies people use when choosing wine, such as selecting by grape variety, region or label. It emphasises the importance of looking at the importer’s name on the back of the bottle as a quick guide to finding quality wines. Importers are likened to publishers or record…