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Canyon Springs Old Vine Zinfandel

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The Canyon Springs Old Vine Zinfandel 2020 is bottled and cellared by the rather elusive Eagle Rock Vineyards, as I couldn’t find much about them online. However, with a commendable 3.9 score on Vivino, it’s clear this wine is popular among tasters.

At first, the wine greets you with an inviting bouquet of red berries. The taste is a mix of fruit and oak accompanied by undertones of blackcurrant, vanilla and chocolate. The Telegraph’s comparison to black wine gums is spot on.

Despite its full-bodied nature, this Zinfandel shies away from boldness, favouring a softer approach due to its unusually light tannins. This characteristic imparts a smoothness, making it more approachable. Its sweet, fruity profile might even draw parallels to an Australian Shiraz, so it’s a wine for people who like this kind of style. This wine seems to stand better on its own rather than as a complement to food. While I really like the taste of this wine, after subsequent tastings I came to the conclusion that it would probably benefit from more tannins as a backstop for the fruity profile.

This wine is available from Aldi but does have a widely fluctuating price. I purchased my bottle in October 2023 for £8.99, though it’s currently priced at £7.69 and has even dipped to £5.99 in the past. However, even at the price I paid, the Canyon Springs Old Vine Zinfandel represents good value.