• Schott Zwiesel Champagne Flute

    Schott Zwiesel Champagne Flute

    I’ve recently been looking into champagne and sparkling wine glasses, moving away from the traditional straight flutes that are popular here in the UK. My interest started in wine tastings and masterclasses, where I noticed a preference for tulip-shaped glasses, or even standard white wine glasses, for Prosecco, Cava, English Sparkling and Champagne. I decided…

  • The Wine Board Game

    The Wine Board Game

    “The Wine Board Game” is an engaging board game, made for wine enthusiasts and those curious about the world of wines. This game is an excellent blend of wine trivia and a dash of luck, making it an ideal choice for a dinner party or an evening with friends. The game is recommended for players…

  • Does Vacuvin Work?

    Does Vacuvin Work?

    Vacu-vin and copycat methods involve using a stopper that enables air to be drawn out of the bottle, thereby preventing the wine from oxidising. Oxidation can be detrimental to wine, causing it to lose its vibrancy in both colour and flavour. White wines may start to take on a brownish hue, while reds can lose…