• How Pesticide Residues Affect Wine Flavour

    How Pesticide Residues Affect Wine Flavour

    A new study investigates the effect of imidacloprid, a common insecticide, on wine aroma and its transformation during the wine-making process. Imidacloprid is widely used in grape cultivation to control pests, but its residues can significantly impact the quality of wine. The research involved applying imidacloprid to grapes at standard and ten times the standard…

  • Expressions Negroamaro

    Expressions Negroamaro

    This is an all new, 2022 vintage, organic and vegan wine from Marks and Spencer. Produced by the talented Alessandro Michelon of Orion Wines, this wine doesn’t yet have any reviews anywhere. It’s a medium to full-bodied wine, rich in flavour and character. Blackcurrant, liquorice and black pepper. Almost meaty with a long and lingering…

  • What is Organic Wine?

    What is Organic Wine?

    As consumers become more conscious of what they consume and its impact on the environment, organic wine has become more popular. But what exactly sets organic wine apart from its regular counterpart? And is it truly better for you? The Difference Between Organic Wine and Regular Wine The primary difference between organic and regular wine…