Lidl Summer and French Wine Tours

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In June 2024, I went to a Lidl wine tasting in London, which showcased wines planned to be introduced during the Summer (mainly Iberian wine) and French Wine Tours, at the end of June 2024 and July 2024 respectively. Additionally, a selection of wines from Lidl’s core range was also being shown.

Wine Tours at Lidl have wines displayed in wooden crates, each labelled with ratings. Typically, a wine from the tour is available for up to two months, though popular selections may sell out sooner. The aim of these tours is to frequently refresh the selection, encouraging variety and enticing customers to return and discover the latest offerings. This also allows Lidl to identify which wines are popular enough to be added to their core range.

The wines are scored by Richard Bampfield, a Master of Wine, who also prepares the tasting notes displayed on the wooden crates in-store. Richard does not participate in the buying or selection of the wines, as these decisions are made centrally in Germany. During the tasting, the helpful Richard was present, offering an opportunity to engage in discussions about the wines as they were sampled.

I tasted most of the 69 wines. These are the ones that particularly stood out for me, together with my notes and thoughts:

Hacienda Uvantis Navarra, 2022, 12.5% £6.99.
This white wine is the sister to the red I enjoyed last February. The grapes come from woodland vineyard plots in the Spanish Navarra region. It is aromatic and has been aged on lees, giving it a depth of flavour. It has floral and citrus fruit notes, with a slight aniseed finish. It has been recognised with a silver award at Mundus Vini. Part of the Summer Tour available from 27 June 2024.

João Pires Branco, 2023, 12%, £8.99.
This Portuguese white wine stands out for its unique character from the use of Moscatel grapes. It boasts an intense floral nose with taste of peach, apple, pear and a hint of tropical and citrus fruits. I’d say the taste is reminiscent of a cross between Riesling and Zibibbo. It has earned a rating of 3.9 on Vivino. Part of the Summer Tour available from 27 June 2024.

Agramont Graciano, 2021, 13.5%, £7.99.
Again from Navarra, Spain, this wine is made from Graciano grapes. It offers an enticing nose and is dry yet fruity, with a medium to full-bodied profile. The taste is of plum, blackberry, blueberry, light oak, vanilla and a touch of tobacco. It has light to medium tannins that provide just enough structure. This was my favourite wine of the tasting, reminiscent of a good Primitivo. Part of the Summer Tour available from 27 June 2024.

Gran Bajoz Vinas Viejas, 2021, £8.99.
This Spanish red, made from the Tinta de Toro, a Tempranillo variant, boasts a nose of red and black fruits, plum jam and coffee. It offers a powerful palate with dark fruit flavours and medium to high tannins. Previous vintages have won numerous awards. Considering its past general availability/price, this wine offers excellent value at this price. Part of the Summer Tour available from 27 June 2024.

5 Oros Rioja Crianza, 2018, 14%, £6.99.
This dry yet fruity wine features notes of blackberry, plum, and blueberry, complemented by medium tannins. It has nuances of oak, vanilla, and chocolate, with slightly-more-than medium-bodied profile that is surprising for a Crianza, I think resembling more a Reserva. It offers excellent value at this price. Part of the Summer Tour available from 27 June 2024.

Cava Amorany Brut, 11.5%, £7.99.
This wine is richer, creamier and fuller-bodied than a typical cava, with delightful peach and slight orange flavours. It has a great mouth-feel, making it an excellent wine. While the price might be questionable due to strong competition in this category, it certainly offers a compelling experience. Should Lidl discount this, buy it up! Part of the Summer Tour available from 27 June 2024.

Domaine, Clos Du Moulin Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, 2023, £7.49.
Features classic notes of lemon, lime, green apple and pear. It presents a slightly stronger aroma and taste compared to most (inexpensive) Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, offering a more intense and memorable experience. Part of the French Tour available from 25 July 2024.

Crèmant de Loire Rosé, 12.5%, £9.49.
According to Lidl’s German website, this Crémant de Loire is a blend of Grolleau, Chenin, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay and it is labelled as Brut. However, it seemed sweeter to me, which was good since I’ve sometimes found Crémant de Loire to be sour, especially towards the finish. Part of the French Tour available from 25 July 2024.

Bordeaux Superieur, 2022, £5.99.
This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, offering flavours of blackberry and blackcurrant. It has a medium body and balanced tannins. At this price point, there’s not much to complain about. Core range.

Exquise Grenache Rosé, 2022, £7.49.
This French Languedoc-Roussillon Rosé was my favourite of all the rosés at the tasting. It is aromatic, dry and features strawberry and raspberry notes, which make the wine seem slightly sweet due to the fruit. The wine has a good mouth feel, especially in the finish. It was previously sold in other places, in a posher bottle at a much higher price. It has a rating of 3.9 on Vivino. Core range.

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