Lidl Spring and Italian Wine Tours

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In April 2024, I attended a Lidl wine tasting in London, which showcased wines planned to be introduced during the Spring and Italian wine tours in April and May 2024, respectively. Additionally, a selection of wines from Lidl’s core range was also being shown.

Wine Tours at Lidl feature wines presented in wooden crates, each marked with ratings. A particular wine from a tour is generally available for up to two months, but it could sell out more quickly if it becomes popular. The idea behind these tours is to regularly update the selection, promoting variety and motivating customers to come back and explore the latest offerings. This initiative also helps Lidl determine which wines are popular enough to be considered for their core range.

The wines are scored by Richard Bampfield, a Master of Wine, who also prepares the tasting notes found on the wooden crates in-store. Richard is not involved in the buying or selection of the wines, as these decisions are made centrally in Germany. The helpful Richard was at the tasting, offering a chance to engage in discussions about the wines as they were sampled.

I tasted most of the 55 wines. These are the ones that particularly stood out for me, together with my notes and thoughts:

Rozé Villányi 2023, 11.5%, £6.99.
This rosé from Hungary is produced by Günzer Tamás and originates from the Villányi region, a protected designation of origin, using blue grape varieties. The wine presents a fresh, appealing fruity profile with floral aromas and distinct notes of strawberry and raspberry. Despite being labelled as dry, it doesn’t taste overly dry, offering a more nuanced palate experience. The label mentions a slight addition of carbon dioxide, although there’s no detectable fizz in the wine, ensuring a smooth sipping experience. Part of the Spring Tour available from 25 April 2024.

Fiano Salento IGT 2022, 12.5%, £8.88.
This tasty Italian white wine from the sun-baked vineyards of Puglia is produced by Masseria Metrano and crafted from the Fiano grape, known for more strongly flavoured and more fuller-bodied wines. The wine has a Gold Berlin Trophy and a Silver Mundus Vini award. Upon tasting, you are greeted with ripe fruit aromas and a flavour that’s dominantly fruity, with a perhaps a peachy essence that lingers on the palate. Again, despite being labelled as dry, the wine is not overly so. The fresh acidity adds a refreshing finish. Part of the Italian Tour available from 30 May 2024.

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG 2022, 11%, £7.99.
The forthcoming Italian tour features a new Valdobbiadene Prosecco, but it’s actually a core range Valdobbiadene that stood out. DOCG Prosecco elevates the traditional Prosecco experience up a level, boasting a higher quality that is immediately evident in its more robust body and enhanced mouthfeel. This core line Prosecco offers a complexity and depth that bridges the gap between champagne and traditional DOC Prosecco. With a flavour profile rich in apples and pears, it presents a delightful complexity that is both refreshing and substantial. This Prosecco provides an interesting alternative for those who find standard Prosecco too light bodied.

Château Plagnac, Médoc, Cru Bourgeois, Bordeaux 2021, 13%, £8.99.
This dry French red from the Médoc region is approachable, setting it apart with an accessible young style. Crafted from a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this wine achieves a harmonious balance. The wine greets you with an aromatic nose, where the light scents of oak mingle with vibrant cherry aromas. It boasts a medium to full body with flavours of ripe fruit and blackcurrant, leading to a medium finish that leaves a lasting impression. Well-balanced with appropriately measured tannins. Excellent value. Part of the Spring Tour available from 25 April 2024.

Te Haupapa Pinot Noir 2022, 13.5%, £12.99.
The wine from Central Otago, New Zealand, presents a pale red colour that belies its rich aromatic profile. The nose is notably influenced by oak, and it also reveals robust scents of very ripe strawberry. The bottle label also mentions the presence of deep cherry aromas. Maybe. On the palate, the wine is light to medium-bodied, where the influence of oak precedes a wave of fruity flavours, marrying the initial aromatic and taste experience. This interplay offers an engaging tasting journey. Part of the Spring Tour available from 25 April 2024.

Rosario Reserva 2021, 14% £6.99.
Casa Ermelinda, one of Portugal’s largest wine producers, produces this noteworthy red blend that combines Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. This wine spends 12 months aging in oak barrels, which contributes to its aromatic profile. The result is a medium to full-bodied wine rich with the flavours of red fruits and leaning towards the sweeter side. While it may be a bit too sweet for some palates, including mine, those who favour sweet reds will likely appreciate its robust character due to the well-balanced tannins that adds a little complexity. It represents excellent value for its price. Part of the Spring Tour available from 25 April 2024.

Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 2020, 13.5%, £8.99.
This dry Italian red, classified under the high DOCG designation, is a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano which is primarily made from Sangiovese but can also include up to 30% of other varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. This blend lends the wine a structured and deep character, standing out with more complexity than a Chianti Classico and but less opulence than a Brunello. Aged for 18 months in oak barrels, the wine presents a browner hue than expected for its vintage. The aroma of black fruits is enticing, leading to a strong taste, reminiscent of maybe plums, with a slight herbaceous undertone. The tannins are very pronounced, contributing to a robust profile and medium long finish. This is one of Lidl’s more complex wines, offering excellent value for the price. Part of the core range.

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