Wine With Milk

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An article in Better Homes & Gardens discusses a unique and controversial drink trend on TikTok, mixing red wine with milk. It highlights the origin of this trend, with one of the early proponents being creator Sunny Vasconcelos, who encouraged others to try it. The trend gained more attention after music producer Benny Blanco shared his experience trying ‘red wine milk’. Various versions have emerged, including mixes with dairy-free and sweetened condensed milk, the latter being like to Brazil’s Espanhola cocktail.

Drinks writer and hospitality consultant John deBary acknowledges the appeal of the combination, explaining that red wine’s acidity, sweetness, tannins, and aromatics can complement the sweetness and fats in milk, especially sweetened condensed milk. This can create a balanced drink, potentially softening the harshness of lower-quality wines.

Beverage consultant Denisse Soto relates the trend to a traditional drink in central Mexico that includes Jerez wine, milk, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon, humorously noting it’s considered a ‘healthy’ breakfast option.

For those interested in trying the red wine and milk trend at home, the article advises against using premium wines. Instead, it suggests opting for a more affordable bottle in the $10 to $15 range, with recommendations for “big” wines like California Merlot or Italian Chianti from deBary, and Spanish Tempranillo from Soto due to its light, dry body and fresh berry profile, which should pair well with milk.