Ice in Wine Controversy

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The Drinks Business reported on a contentious comment on a receipt from The Cornish Arms in Brunswick, Victoria, which has reignited the age-old debate about adding ice to wine. The comment, which likened the customer to a ‘bogan’ (akin to the UK’s ‘chav’ or America’s ‘hillbilly’), sparked a heated discussion on social media platforms like Reddit. Some users argued that wine should be consumed at 10-13 degrees, not the typical 25-35 degrees it’s often served at in Australia. Others contended that the wine’s temperature affects its flavour, comparing it to the way cheese’s flavour changes with temperature. Some defended the customer’s right to have the wine served as they prefer, especially after paying for it.

The Cornish Arms responded to the controversy, stating that the junior staff member responsible for the comment was unaware it would appear on the customer’s receipt. The staff member has since apologised.

The incident follows renowned chef and broadcaster Dave Chang’s endorsement of icing wine, describing the experience as “delicious” and likening the taste to “gold”.