Sainsbury’s Valpolicella Ripasso

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The 2020 vintage, made from a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and Croatina grapes. This wine is described on the bottle as “juicy ripe cherries, rich and complex,” due to the Ripasso technique.

However, my experience with this particular bottle was somewhat unexpected. While the wine is ok, Instead of the anticipated concentrated fruit notes, the wine exhibited a more pronounced leather aroma and taste, contributing to a heavier effect. This characteristic suggests a stronger influence of oak than fruit, making it more suitable for pairing with food, red meat, rather than enjoying on its own. This was further confirmed through a back-to-back tasting with an Alpha Zeta Valpolicella Ripasso, which was decidedly more fruit-forward and less dominated by oak influences.

At the time of writing this, the wine is available for £10, reduced from £12, with an additional 20% offer bringing the price down to £7.50. This pricing, combined with its different characteristics, makes it an intriguing choice for those looking to explore the varied expressions of Valpolicella Ripasso wines.