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Sainsbury’s CVNE Rioja Gran Reserva

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The 2016 vintage Gran Reserva, produced for Sainsbury’s by CVNE Winery, is a CVNE variant that stands out even among the winery’s diverse Rioja selections available at Sainsbury’s and other retailers. This particular wine is made from a blend of Tempranillo Graciano, and Mazuelo grapes hand-picked from CVNE’s own premier vineyards and is 14% ABV.

Having previously enjoyed the CVNE Gran Rioja Reserva from the previous 2015 vintage, which was great yet somewhat lighter in body than anticipated, I found the Sainsbury’s CVNE 2016 vintage to present a more substantial body, straddling the line between medium and full-bodied. The aroma of this wine is mainly oaky and slightly fruity. Upon tasting, it offers a smooth, rich and fruity Rioja. A tip for enjoying this particular wine to its fullest is to avoid serving it too cold. A temperature that’s too low dampens its aroma and flavour.

Usually priced at £15 at Sainsbury’s, this wine has recently been available for a promotional offer, reduced from £15 to £13, and at the time of writing this, with an additional 25% discount, it comes down to an even more attractive £9.75. At this price, it represents excellent value, being a bargain for a wine that actually merits its standard price.