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Alamos Malbec, Uco Valley

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This Malbec gained worldwide recognition as the most awarded of its kind in 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, the 2021 vintage won an International Wine Challenge (IWC) award in 2022. According to Vivino, the 2022 vintage outperformed all previous years, scoring an impressive 3.9.

I discovered this at a Majestic a very long time ago when they still used to do tasting events and this actually got me started on Malbec. I have tried lots of Malbecs since from Majestic and other suppliers but I have yet to get anywhere as good this. I sometimes even question if I don’t particularly like Malbecs and Alamos Malbec is the exception.

This wine starts with a toffee nose and continues with a cherry taste and has a good length. It almost seems very slightly sweet but isn’t, it’s dry, because I have tested it with a hydrometer.

Around £8 to £10 from Majestic and Ocado. Confusingly, Tesco and Sainsbury’s also sell it but with different, more fussy, label that I have also tried and the wine seems the same.

The label on the Majestic/Ocado says it’s bottled by the producer while the Tesco/Sainsbury’s version is bulk bottled by Greencroft in the UK. It all tastes the same to me.