• Expressions Negroamaro

    Expressions Negroamaro

    This is an all new, 2022 vintage, organic and vegan wine from Marks and Spencer. Produced by the talented Alessandro Michelon of Orion Wines, this wine doesn’t yet have any reviews anywhere. It’s a medium to full-bodied wine, rich in flavour and character. Blackcurrant, liquorice and black pepper. Almost meaty with a long and lingering…

  • What is Vegan Wine?

    What is Vegan Wine?

    Vegan wine is wine that is made without using any animal products during the winemaking process. While it might seem surprising that wine could contain animal products, traditional winemaking often involves the use of substances like gelatin, egg whites or fish bladder proteins (isinglass) to clarify and stabilise the wine. These substances help to remove…