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The Watchmaker Tourbillion Malbec

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The Watchmaker Tourbillion Malbec demonstrates the expertise of winemaker, Stephen Huse. With a prestigious background that includes stints at renowned Bordeaux wineries such as Châteaux Margaux and Mouton-Rothschild, as well as the acclaimed Harlan Estate in the USA, Huse brings a wealth of experience to this Argentinian offering.

Originating from Mendoza, this Malbec is a blend of grapes from three distinct parcels: one near the town, another on the valley floor, and a third from the coveted slopes of Mount Tupungato. This careful selection of terroirs contributes to the wine’s unique character. It has been rated a respectable 3.9 on Vivino, reflecting its quality and popularity among wine enthusiasts.

Upon tasting the 2022 vintage, it’s immediately clear that this is not a typical Malbec, which in this case is a delightful surprise. This Malbec is all about the taste. It’s full bodied, seems dry, yet it bursts with rich flavours of black cherry. A subtle dash of spice adds complexity to the palate, enhancing the overall experience and long finish.

In summary, this is an excellent wine, offering a unique take on Malbec. It’s available from Virgin Wines at a very reasonable price of £12.99, making it an accessible option for those looking to explore something different in the world of Malbec.