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Winetraders Italian Portfolio Tasting 2024

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On 29 January 2024, Winetraders hosted their Italian Portfolio Tasting in London. Winetraders is an importer, retailer and distributor specialising in single estate wines with their range spanning across Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and South America.

What sets Winetraders apart is their exceptionally rigorous selection process, a meticulous approach ensuring that each wine in their portfolio not only demonstrates the unique characteristics of its origin but also offers unbeatable value.

Here are the wines that I tried in no particular order:

Here are the wines I liked the most with my notes/reasons. The prices are only indicative and vary across independent merchants.

Zucchetto Prosecco Extra Dry Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG 2021. Floral and peach aromas, nutty taste. Good, long length. £16. Learn more about Prosecco DOCG.

La Vedetta Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore Sarasino 2019. Blackberry aroma. Chocolate finish. Smokey rather than oaky. Nice. £21.

Marco Porello Roero Arneis DOCG 2022. (White). Rested on lees. Fruity, floral aromas. Very mild tangerine taste, fresh and mineral. Similar to quality Muscadet. £14.

Marco Porello Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2022. Browner than would expect for vintage. Aroma of strawberry/cherries. Fruitier style than expected for Nebbiolo. £14.

Marco Porello Birbet Vina da Tavola NV. Brachetto grape. Interesting semi-sparkling. Low 5% alcohol. Blackcurrant tasting fizz. Would be great chilled, in the Summer. £11.

San Valentino Bombino Bianco Frizzante ‘Boom’ 2020. 2nd fermentation in bottle. Different, cloudy ‘pet nat‘ wine. Once the initial aroma subsides, you experience a unique lemon and almond taste. £16.

Cincinnato Lazio Castore IGT 2020 (white) Bellone grape. Very fragrant peach notes. Great, strong mineral taste. Nice to try something different and tasting great. £12.

Cincinnato Lazio Buone Pollùce IGT 2021. Nero Buono grape. Ruby. Red fruit scents. Nice balance between smoky and fruity. £13.

Chidro Primitivo di Manduria 2020. Rich blueberry aroma. Dry but very fruity. Fruit and spice taste with low tannins. Interesting clove mid-taste makes it different to other ‘di Manduria’. Long finish. £19.

Schirru Vino Rosso Arrogusu 2021. Sardinia. Monica grape mainly + other varieties. Medium body. Very different. Fruity with layers of complexity. £23.

I appreciated how Wintraders offered some very unique options alongside the more familiar wines. The Cincinnato wines and the Schirru Vino Rosso were particularly intriguing, as they really transported me beyond the usual experiences. Additionally, the wines offer great value, especially considering they come from vineyards with smaller bottle production.

Approximately a third of Winetraders’ wine selection is available through their online store. Better prices can be usually found through their retail partners. A Google search is recommended to search out retailers.