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Saperavi Grape

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The Metro newspaper recently shed light on the ‘Saperavi’, a grape that originates from Georgia, between Eastern Europe and West Asia. Saperavi bears a striking resemblance in taste and character to Cabernet Sauvignon but with a twist. It also has the warming spice and rich texture reminiscent of a hearty Argentinian Malbec.

What sets Saperavi apart, however, is not just its flavour profile but also its appearance. Unlike the common greeny-yellow innards of regular grapes, Saperavi boasts red flesh. This characteristic contributes to the production of an intensely purply-coloured wine, aligning with its name which translates to ‘paint’ or ‘dye’ in Georgian. Saperavi falls into a special category of grapes known as ‘teinturier’. These are rare, red-fleshed berries, and only a few of them exist, making them somewhat obscure grape varieties.

In the UK, retailers are quickly catching onto this trend. Marks & Spencer, has the ‘Found Saperavi’, priced at £9. Waitrose offers a variant called ‘Orovela’, priced at £17.49. Additionally, Majestic has introduced the ‘Tbilvino Saperavi’, available for £13.99. Also look out for ‘Bedoba Saperavi’ from independents supplied by Liberty Wines.