Greasy Fingers Luscious Red

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The 2022 vintage of the new Greasy Fingers range from Pernod Ricard UK is a new addition to a portfolio that includes familiar names such as Campo Viejo, Brancott Estate and Stoneleigh. This wine is shy about its origins and the offering is more about branding – the country, Australia, is written very small on the back.

Tailored for the food-loving, younger demographic, a challenging target considering the waning wine enthusiasm younger drinkers, this range aims to slice through the richness of greasy foods, making it a companion for the likes of fries and burgers. The name ‘Greasy Fingers’ is thus a reference to its intended pairing.

This fruit-forward blend of Shiraz and Grenache is lighter than you might anticipate, given the ‘luscious’ adjective. It presents a medium body with very light tannins. On the nose, it evokes red fruits, predominantly of cherry and strawberry.

The palate is greeted with subtle hints of peach, vanilla and perhaps cinnamon, which collectively contribute to a well-rounded taste. The texture is soft and slightly oaky, with lower acidity that enhances the intended food-pairing. For me, it’s an average, medium wine. Interestingly, it seems to be desirable beyond its target market, as evidenced by my wife’s preference for it over mine – and she’s not even the beef burger-eating, ‘greasy’ sort, given she is vegetarian!

Despite its commendable score of 4.0 on Vivino, its price point of £10 per bottle may raise eyebrows, especially if not purchased during a 25% off offer. Available across major retailers like Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.