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Albacore Longfin Shiraz 2021

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The Albacore Longfin Shiraz 2021 is blend crafted by the Fuse Winemaking Team from grapes from McLaren Vale, Australia. Marketed as the ‘top drawer Aussie Shiraz’ that promises to surpass expectations for enthusiasts of the Albacore Shiraz, this wine certainly set a high bar for itself. It enjoys a high 4.1 rating on Vivino, indicating a general positive consensus.

Despite its accolades, the Longfin Shiraz initially offered an experience that left my palate searching for more. It greeted the nose with a lighter aroma than I anticipated, diverging from the often robust and deep fragrance associated with premium Shiraz.

On the palate, it unfolded with flavours of raisins and liquorice, though these were not as deep or rich as I expected from the description. The tannins were strong, suggesting a well-structured wine, yet the length of the flavour’s persistence after tasting didn’t quite meet the anticipated expectation.

Decanting this full-bodied red wine for thirty minutes allowed it to breathe. The process of aeration helped to soften the wine’s tannins, making it smoother and much more pleasant to drink. As the wine mellowed, it revealed much more complex flavours and aromas that were previously concealed, enhancing the overall character of the wine and making its qualities more distinct and pronounced. A great wine, but you must let it breathe.

It’s priced at £17.99 at the time of writing, down from its original £19.99 at Virgin Wines.