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Feliz Rioja, November 2023

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This November, the UK will have Feliz Rioja, a month-long event set to highlight the prominence of the Rioja wine-producing region across various outlets in the UK.

Independent retailers, restaurants and wine bars throughout the country have registered their participation. With over 100 outlets involved, the event aims to provide a comprehensive exposure to Rioja wines.

The Rioja region in Spain is distinguished for its diverse wine production. The wines range from reds to whites, each with specific characteristics attributed to the region’s unique terroir and winemaking techniques.

In-store tastings will be organised across participating outlets, allowing consumers to directly sample the wines. Additionally, wine masterclasses will be conducted by experts, providing insights into the production, history and distinct features of Rioja wines. There will also be events focusing on food and wine pairings, demonstrating the compatibility of Rioja wines with different cuisines. For those interested in a broader tasting experience, wine flights featuring a selection of Rioja wines will be available.

More information is available on the Rioja web site.