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Cava All-Time Sales Record

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Cava has achieved a new sales record, reaching 252 million bottles, marking a growth of 1.09% from the previous year. This growth was primarily driven by a 4.02% increase in domestic sales, despite a slight 0.25% decrease in international sales. The decrease in foreign markets was attributed to economic challenges, including inflation in Europe and decreased sales in the United States.

Javier Pagés, President of the D.O. Cava Regulatory Council, praised the resilience of Cava amidst economic and geopolitical challenges. He highlighted the domestic market’s recovery and Cava’s consolidation in international markets, despite the downturns faced by competitors.

Particularly notable was the significant growth in organic Cava sales, which surged by 24.59%, contrasting with a 1.65% decline in conventionally grown Cava sales. This growth aligns with the industry’s shift towards organic production, with a deadline set for 2025 for all Guarda Superior category Cavas to be 100% organic.

Germany led in Cava exports with a 4.14% increase, followed by the United States, despite a 13.48% sales drop, and Belgium with a 5.44% increase. Post-Brexit UK saw a 5.38% growth, while Brazil experienced a remarkable 75.82% increase, albeit from a smaller base.

Rosé Cavas also saw growth, and the introduction of Cavas de Guarda Superior with a new minimum ageing regulation of 18 months has been highlighted as a positive change for the sector. Pagés expressed optimism for the sector’s future, emphasising the importance of collaboration and the growing consumer appreciation for high-quality Cava.