Evolution of the Drinks Industry

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Drinks retailing news has an interview with Mauricio González-Gordon, president, González Byass known for brands like Beronia, Tio Pepe, Quinta do Noval, Wirra Wirra, Jackson Estate and Disznókő Tokaji.

Mauricio González-Gordon has a long background in the drinks industry, spanning over three decades. He has witnessed substantial changes in winemaking origins and global consumption patterns. Initially, the focus was on a few Spanish origin denominations, but the scope has expanded globally since the 1980s, driven by technical advancements and broader commercial strategies, including supermarket distribution. This globalisation has shifted wine consumption from traditional producing nations to importing countries like the UK. Mauricio highlights that consumers now enjoy a diverse array of high-quality international products, a trend that has prompted his company to diversify beyond its sherry-producing roots to maintain competitiveness in a changing market.

Regarding the duty changes in the UK, Mauricio views them as poorly timed, coinciding with economic downturns that have reduced consumer purchasing power and increased costs, particularly utilities. These changes have been particularly harsh on fortified wines, implemented immediately, while other wine categories experienced delayed effects. This disparity has created competitive challenges within the industry.

Mauricio also discussed new launches, such as a single vineyard wine from their Rioja brand Beronia, which uses the newly introduced Viñedo Singular classification in Rioja. This initiative aims to distinguish wines based on their specific origins within the region, adding value and recognition to the products.