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Varzea do Marão Vinho Verde Rose

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The Varzea do Marão Vinho Verde Rosé 2023 is from Quinta da Calçada, a winery in the heart of the Vinho Verde region in Amarante, Portugal. Owned by the da Mota family since 1917, Quinta da Calçada stands as one of the oldest producers in the region, with a heritage of crafting high-quality still and sparkling wines. This rosé is made from the Vinhão grape.

The wine has a dry yet slightly fruity profile and a harmonious balance that is both refreshing and engaging. The typical slight fizz of Vinho Verde wines is present, adding a lively texture to the palate. This slight effervescence complements the wine’s strawberry taste and mineral finish, offering a crisp and clean aftertaste. However, what sets this rosé apart is its colour, an almost metallic hue that captivates the eye.

With its low alcohol content of 8.5% ABV, this wine is perfect as an aperitif, offering a refreshing and light option. Priced at £7 from Ocado, occasionally dipping to £6.50 and from £5.49 from Lidl, it’s excellent value for money. This wine is suitable for vegetarians.