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Wines From Major Wine Outlets

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In his article for the Guardian Newspaper, David Williams discusses the evolving landscape of wine retail in the UK, especially highlighting the performance of major wine outlets like Majestic, Naked Wines, Virgin Wines and The Wine Society.

He notes that during and after the pandemic, these retailers faced various challenges including the inflation and cost-of-living crisis. Despite these, Majestic reported a successful Christmas in 2023, with an increase in sales and interest in fine wines.

The following wines were recommended:

Bodegas Volver Tarima Monastrell from Alicante, Spain, 2022 vintage, priced at £9.99 or £8.99 in a mixed six.
Invicible Número Dois Tinto from Douro, Portugal 2020 vintage, priced at £24.99 or £19.99 in a mixed six

Naked Wines
Godello Para Muestra Un Botón, a Galician dry white from 2020, priced at £13.99 for Angels, otherwise £27.99.

Virgin Wines
Henners Gardener St White from England, 2022 vintage, priced at £18.49.

The Wine Society
Generation Series Primitivo di Manduria from Puglia, Italy, 2022 vintage, priced at £10.50.