Supermarket Comparison Sites

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Supermarket comparison websites can be handy when shopping for wines. I use them in two ways. The first is for branded wine, where it’s possible to find the current lowest price, and with some platforms, the fluctuation in price over time. The second way is to use them to discover all wines of a certain type, for example ‘Primitivo’ or ‘Pinot Grigio’ and compare offerings and prices.

Yealands Sauvignon Blanc Price Over Time

Trolley is one of the newest entrants. The historical prices are a bit hidden. You need to click on the chart symbol next to ‘Today’s Price’. Similar to the rest, Trolley doesn’t include Lidl. This is less of an issue for branded wines as Lidl doesn’t stock any, but it’s disappointing you can’t also explore wines across Lidl. MySuperMarketCompare is also helpful but sometimes has incomplete results – wines I know are stocked in a store but not listed. Priceable also provides pricing history so you can gauge what you should expect to pay and determine if an offer truly represents a bargain.

Check carefully. Sometimes, the regular price at the lowest price store is the same as another supermarket price with a 25% off offer.