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Le Zeitgeist Trident

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Le Zeitgeist Trident 2022, created by winemaker Eric Lanxade, is a representation of the terroir found in the French Pyrenees. Rated 3.7 on Vivino, this wine benefits from the alluvial river plains that contribute to its minerally rich soils. These conditions, coupled with the cooling influence of the Pyrenees, create an ideal environment for the cultivation of Sauvignon Blanc. Colombard and Gros Manseng in this blend.

Originating from the IGP Cotes de Gascogne and fashioned in a modern style, the inclusion of Colombard introduces a zest and zing to the palate, Gros Manseng adds layers of complexity and Sauvignon Blanc brings a refreshing finish. This blend plays on the senses, offering a multi-dimensional tasting experience.

On the nose, the initial aroma of pear drops can likely be attributed to the Gros Manseng. The first sip reveals a mix of white peaches, stone fruit and green apples, courtesy of the Colombard. The experience culminates in a finish of tropical fruit, a signature of the Sauvignon Blanc. This progression of flavours from start to finish makes each sip an exploration of the blend’s components.

At £11.99 from Virgin Wines, Le Zeitgeist Trident 2022 is an accessible choice for those seeking a wine that encapsulates the character of its region while offering a modern and complex flavour profile.