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A Mano Primitivo di Puglia 2022

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A Mano Primitivo di Puglia 2022 is made by winemakers Mark Shannon and Elvezia Sbalchiero. The old vines, aged between 70 and 100 years, are rooted deep in the heart of Puglia, promising a wine of concentration due to their low yields. This wine’s creators hand-harvest and fermenting the grapes in open vats using natural yeasts, followed by ageing in oak barrels

Having experienced the allure of A Mano Primitivo Prima at a Liberty Wines tasting, I approached this non-prima version with anticipation, expecting a similar depth and character, albeit in a less pronounced form as the ‘Prima’ label is reserved for the most exceptional years. Yet, this encounter was poised to defy expectations.

At first, the wine presents a surprisingly lighter aroma than anticipated, a prelude to its less viscous body. It has less of a nose than expected with a palate leaning towards cherry and raspberry nuances rather than the anticipated dark blackcurrant. Cherry and herbal mix through the tasting experience, lending a more delicate texture that is both refreshing and nuanced. The tannins, though medium in strength, contribute to a well-rounded profile that is distinct and pleasurable, but surprising.

This divergence from the expected concentrated ripe dark fruit profile which are synonymous with Primitivo and the wine description, leads me to question is the correct wine in the bottle? Priced at £13.15 from specialist online merchant VIVM, this stands as a example to the unpredictable and often surprising nature of wine.